Edouard Glissant Art Fund Opening, and First art residency with Julien Creuzet

Welcome to Julien Creuzet, the first Edouard Glissant Art Fund and Édouard Glissant House resident.
Julien Creuzet, with the two co-curators of the Venice Biennale French Pavilion 2024, Céline Kopp and Cindy Sissokho, will stay in the Édouard Glissant House (Maison Édouard Glissant), Le Diamant, Martinique, from January 30th, 2024 to February 10th, 2024.

On Tuesday February 6th, 2024, from 9:30am local time (UTC-4), in this location:
. Edouard Glissant Art Fund will officially open,
. Julien Creuzet and Institut Français / French Institute, will present the official Press conference of the French Pavilion project for Venice Biennale 2024.
It’s the first time that a Press conference for a French Pavilion is organized outside Paris.
… With art performances & poetic lectures by the artist Simone Lagrand.


This event will be partially broadcast live on Instagram (Edouard Glissant Art Fund and Institut Français accounts).

The Édouard Glissant House is the last house owned by the poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant [Photo 1] (09/21/1928 – 02/03/2011).
Acquired in 1996, Édouard Glissant wrote there – traveling between New York where he taught and
Paris where he carried out various cultural projects – his latest essays and novels such as ‘Sartorius. Le roman des Batoutos / The novel of the Batoutos’ and ‘Philosophie de la Relation / Philosophy of Relationship’.
Édouard Glissant considered this home, facing the Diamond Rock, as a primary inspiration place…

Photo copyrights: Edouard Glissant Art Fund / Maison Édouard Glissant. All rights reserved.

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