The main mission of the Culture Ministry is to “make the most important works of humanity, and first and foremost of France, accessible to the greatest number of people”. In collaboration with the other ministries concerned, it implements the actions of the State intended to ensure, in the world of culture, the influence of French artistic creation. Édouard Glissant House is, since 2022, awarded ‘illustrious house / Maison des illustres’ by the French Culture Ministry.

The Institut français is the public institution in charge of France’s external cultural relations. Its action is at the crossroads of the artistic sectors, intellectual exchanges, cultural and social innovation, and linguistic cooperation. It supports the promotion of the French language, the circulation of works, artists and ideas throughout the world and thus encourages a better understanding of cultural issues. The Edouard Glissant Art Fund, for its opening on Feb. 6th, 2024, supported in relation with Institut Français, the Julien Creuzet’s press conference, for his French Pavilion project at La Bienniale di Venezia 2024 (60th ed).

Corporate patrons

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Bureau Blindé is a creative studio, contributing to enriching graphic design and visual communication in his homeland, Martinique, and beyond the Caribbean. The studio was created by the artist Arthur Francietta in 2022. Bureau Blindé designed the Edouard Glissant Art Fund graphic charter and logo, based on an original drawing by Édouard Glissant.

Paul Mesnager est un artiste multidisciplinaire qui accompagne le Fonds Edouard Glissant sur son identité visuelle et son site. Issu d’une formation de relation internationales et de géopolitique, son travail se situe entre le documentaire et la création visuelle. En parallèle de son travail artistique il travaille comme photographe, graphiste et développeur free-lance.

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