Estelle Coppolani

Originally from Reunion Island, Estelle Coppolani is a poet, writer and playwright. Her writing is interested in diasporic legacies, particularly from the women perspective. She works on the Indian Ocean’s oral and written literary funds and on the poetic recomposition phenomena generated by migration situations. Going against a theory of dispossession, her work defends the ideas of anticolonial tradition and mythological abundance. Estelle’s writing projects were supported by the Fondation pour la Mémoire de l’Esclavage / Foundation for the Remembrance of Slavery in 2021, programs such as “Mondes Nouveaux” in 2022, or “Création en cours” – Ateliers Médicis (FR) in 2023.

Depending on projects, Estelle writes alone or with other artists from the worlds of design, criticism, performing arts or visual arts. Her work is inseparable from this proximity with the visual arts. In parallel with creation, Estelle is also part of the feminist publishing house Les Prouesses’ Editorial Committee (FR).

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