Sylvie Glissant

Director of the ITM Institut du Tout-Monde since its founding by Édouard Glissant in 2006, Sylvie Glissant was the wife of the writer. With him, she organized the Carbet Prize for the Caribbean and One-World (created in 1990) and numerous conferences. She supported the creation of the Édouard Glissant Prize by the Université Paris VIII and Maison de l’Amérique Latine / Latin America House (perpetuated today with the Institut du Tout-Monde, the Université Paris Lumières, the Maison de l’Amérique Latine and the Université des Antilles). She extends through the actions of the Institut du Tout-Monde the commitments that were those of the writer, such as the Musée du Tout-Monde and the Slavery Memory program, by developing partnerships with various institutions such as UNESCO, the FMSHS, etc. She is co-author with Édouard Glissant of The Magnetic Earth. The Wanderings of Rapa Nui (Seuil, 2007). Clinical psychoanalyst and painter, she exhibits her works under the name Sylvie Séma.

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