Hamedine Kane

Hamedine Kane (Mauritania, 1983) is a Senegalese artist and director living between Dakar, Brussels and Paris. His work focuses on exile, wandering, legacy and the awareness that arises from the post-independence political experiences of some African countries. He questions their recent history, particularly Senegal’s one, and reports on the related upheavals and aspirations around the Afro-nostalgia and Afro-utopia notions. Hamedine Kane is also interested in the influence of African, Afro-American and Afro-diasporic literature on political, social and environmental activism. He has recently participated in numerous festivals and biennials in France and internationally, such as the Biennials of Kaunas (LT), Ljubljana (SI), Riga (LV) in 2023, Dakar (SN) and Berlin (DE) in 2022, the Momenta Biennale (CA) in 2021, the Taipei Biennale (TW) in 2020, as well as numerous exhibitions and festivals, notably at the Palais de Tokyo (FR), the Centre Pompidou (FR), the Tate Modern (GB), the Lieu Unique (FR), at the Grand café (FR), the Kanal Centre Pompidou (BE), Idfa (NL) and Ridm (CA). He is resident at the Villa Medici in Rome (IT), in 2023-2024.

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