Code of ethics

Edouard Glissant Art Fund’s actors (Board Members, Scientific Committee Members, Batoutos / Patrons Committee Members) are volunteers and jointly undertake to respect the Fund’s statutory Code of Ethics, in 3 areas:

Ethics of Relation

“It is not by the atavistic lure nor by the blood relationship that you inherit the blessed diversity’s stigma. You are born Batuto, but so am I. That means, as this diversity comes true (…)”

Édouard Glissant, ‘Sartorius. Le roman des Batoutos’ (1999).

Edouard Glissant Art Fund is committed in the promotion of all the diversities, its actors are committed in the absolute rejection of all forms of discrimination, abuse of influence, of physical and moral harassment;

Financial integrity and transparency

“Because we’ll have to get used to the progressive undifferentiation of species, races, genders, viruses or living kinds (…), who wins without us being able to conceive how. As we are approaching this new, floating knowledge, which allows us not to be swallowed up (…)”

Édouard Glissant, ‘Traité du Tout-Monde’ (1997).

Edouard Glissant Art Fund is committed to financial integrity and transparency, including

  • For the Fund, strong governance and control processes within its statutes, and a strict Chinese wall between its Board and its Scientific Committee; Transparency in the origin and payment terms of the Fund including artist residency fees – payment by bank transfer only -, in compliance with current legislation;
  • For the Residents, declaration and use of funds received in accordance with current legislation.


“The fact remains, we can never repeat it enough, that the ‘nègre marron’ (run-away slave) is the only real popular hero of the Caribbean, whose terrible tortures which marked his/her capture give the measure of courage and determination. There is an indisputable example of systematic opposition, total refusal”

Édouard Glissant, ‘Revue Acoma’ (1971).

Fund integrates statutory guarantees on the full and complete freedom of its artistic line, taking care to protect its strict independence from all partisan interests and/or economic influences.

All the parties agree to protect both Residents and Fund independence.

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